DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film


Transform your printing projects with our DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film, a premium solution for achieving exceptional print quality. Designed for clarity and precision, this double-sided coated PET film is ideal for heat pressing at 320°F, offering quick, hot peel transfers. Enjoy enhanced printer traction and minimal static interference, ensuring your prints are vivid, sharp, and free from defects. Whether for professional use or personal creativity, our DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film is the key to unlocking superior print performance. Elevate your printing with our film and witness the perfection in every print.

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Introducing our DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film, a revolutionary tool designed to transform your printing process. This double-sided coated PET film is not just a medium for your creative expressions; it’s a catalyst for unparalleled print quality and efficiency.

Why Our DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film is a Game-Changer:

  1. Unmatched Image Clarity: Experience the zenith of print precision. Our film ensures every detail of your design is captured with vivid sharpness, eliminating concerns of fading or distortion.
  2. Optimized for Heat Pressing: Tailored for both professionals and hobbyists, this film is fine-tuned for use at 320°F with a 7-10 second press time, allowing for quick, hot peel transfer. The result? Swift, impeccable prints.
  3. Enhanced Printer Traction: Essential for precision, our film maximizes printer roller traction, ensuring each pass yields flawless results.
  4. Minimized Static Interference: Say goodbye to static-related issues. Our film’s low-static technology ensures a smooth, uninterrupted printing experience.

Your Key to Printing Excellence

Our DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film isn’t just a product; it’s an investment in your craft. Whether impressing clients or realizing your artistic vision, this film is your partner in achieving perfection.

Step into a world of clarity, speed, and efficiency. Choose our DTF Hot Peel Transfer Film and transform the way you print. It’s time to create, impress, and amaze with every print.

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