Heat Sensitive Tape 2PK


Elevate your sublimation projects with our Heat Sensitive Tape 2PK. Designed for high heat resistance, this tape can withstand up to 400°F, ensuring your designs stay in place during transfer without leaving any residue. It’s an essential tool to prevent design shifts and ghost images, fitting easily into a standard tape dispenser for convenience. Perfect for both professional and personal sublimation projects, this tape guarantees clean, precise results every time. Secure your designs with confidence using our Heat Sensitive Tape!

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Discover the ultimate solution for your sublimation projects with our Heat Sensitive Tape 2PK. This specially designed tape is a must-have for anyone engaged in sublimation printing, providing reliability and precision to your creative process.

Our Heat Tape is engineered to be heat-resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 400°F. This feature ensures that the tape remains intact and functional throughout the sublimation process, safeguarding the integrity of your designs. It’s the perfect tool to secure your design to any sublimation blank, preventing movement during pressing and eliminating the risk of ghost images – a common problem when the design shifts during heat transfer.

What sets our Heat Tape apart is its user-friendly nature. Once your project is complete, the tape peels away effortlessly from the blank, leaving no sticky residue behind. This ensures a clean, professional finish every time.

Each roll is designed to fit in a standard tape dispenser, making it easy to use and store. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a hobbyist, our Heat Sensitive Tape is an indispensable tool for achieving flawless sublimation results.

Key Features:

  • Heat-resistant, withstands temperatures up to 400°F
  • Prevents design movement during sublimation, avoiding ghost images
  • Easy to peel, leaves no residue on the blank
  • Fits standard tape dispensers for ease of use
  • Essential for any sublimation project for professional results

Our Heat Sensitive Tape 2PK is the reliable partner you need for all your sublimation projects. Secure your designs, ensure precision, and achieve impeccable results with this essential tool.

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